We have worked at the following wineries: C, Bacigalupi, Benovia, Beringer, Bouchaine, Chateau St. Jean, Fontenella, Ladera, Merryvale, Mi Sueño Winery, Provenance, Raymond Vineyards, Rosenblum, Rutherford Hill, Stag's Leap Winery, Starmont, Treasury Wine Estates

Increase direct to consumer sales, with the enhancement of a personalized bottle or glass engraving at your tasting or wine event.

Setting up in your tasting room or winery, we'll delight customers and add value to purchases made through personalized engravings.  It takes less than 10 minutes from design to completion to engrave a bottle, all while the customer waits.

Some quick info about our service:

  • We engrave 750ml bottles or smaller.
  • We can either engrave bottles or glassware.
  • Customers love seeing their names on glassware as well as bottles.
  • We average about 12-18 engravings an hour.
  • Most bookings are 3-5 hours.
  • We've engraved over 100 bottles at a single event.
  • Our onsite engraving encourages customers to buy more wine.

In order to allow clients the enhancement that our service brings to their members and customers, we charge the winery directly, with no further costs incurred. We don't charge a setup fee, so the amount charged is based on our actual contracted time.

Many of our winery customers give our service away, which easily adds 20-25 extra dollars of value into every purchase. 

$200 per hour for 1-2 hours
$175 per hour for 3-4 hours
$150 per hour for 5+ hours

Ask about further discounts for repeat bookings.

Here are a few of our most recent setups. We only require 4 x 6 feet of space and access to one 110v outlet. We bring our own tables and everything else to make your customers' experience unqiue.