How much does it cost?
If you provide your own bottle or glass, our engraving service is only $25 for the first engraving. Please inquire about quantity pricing.

How long does it take?
We are glad to engrave your bottle while you wait or an agreed upon turn around time. 

What kind of bottles can be engraved?
We can engrave any 750ml (standard size) wine bottle or smaller. We can also engrave beer bottles and glassware. The height maximum is 13 inches.

Engravings show up more prominently on darker glass, but engravings on light glass have a romantic appeal to them.

I have a certain wine bottle I would like engraved. Can you get it for me?
We can try our hardest. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can use our extensive wine industry contacts to try and locate that bottle and engrave it for you.

Additional fees will apply, only if we are successful in locating that special bottle of wine.

Do you offer shipping?
Yes! Shipping is based on our special rates with UPS. 

Ordering and shipment of wine is only available to people 21 years of age or older. A valid photo ID must be shown for acceptance of the package.

What does the engraving feel like?
The engraving is safe to touch. With the natural finish, the oils on our fingers may create a blotching effect on the engraving that goes away in seconds.

Can I supply an image or logo?
Yes! Our design consultants would be glad to assist you with adding your image or logo. Our design consultants are skilled at image manipulation and can assist with your logo at no additional cost. 

There are certain image requirements:
- The image must be able to be converted to a 2-color, or a black & white image.
- Larger images work better for more detail

Can you do onsite engraving?
Yes! We are glad to come to your special event, corporate event, or any other occasion. Our engraving machine is fully portable and requires a minimal amount of space to operate. 

Please contact us today to speak with one of our design consultants.